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The Art of Sound

We spent months building, upgrading, and tweaking our ANALOG (yes, analog) recording equipment until we had the cleanest, purest, most powerful system possible. Our rooms are specifically built and acoustically treated and tested to capture clean sound, and to inhibit unwanted acoustic distortion, bleeding, and phasing. We have eliminated expensive, outdated tape, and record directly to Pro Tools HD Native for crisp, clean, and accurate, efficient editing and mixing.

Live/Tracking Room

Vocal, V/O ISO Booth

Instrument ISO Booth

RECORDING RATES (includes mixing and mastering)

We record full bands, individual instruments, singers, vocalists, and voice overs:

Please contact us for rates designed for your specific needs.

(2 hour minimum)

We also provide remote mixing and Mastering - please contact us for pricing


AVID C24 - 24 track analog recording and fully automated mixing board

AVID 192 Analog I/O - 16x16 analog Pro Tools HD interface

AVID Pro Tools HD NATIVE software

AVID Eleven Rack - outboard rack unit, guitar and bass amp/re-amp/modeler

NATIVE processing

Custom built, twin drive, rack PC

AVALON M5 vocal pre-amp

NEUMANN TLM 103 vocal mic

RODE NT-1 vocal mic

SENHEISER e908 instrument mics

SENNHEISER e609 instrument mics

AKG D112 MKII kick drum mics

SHURE Beta 52a kick drum mics

PULSE 300w 8" custom sub kick mic

SAMSON Q Series drum mics

SAMSON C O2 overhead mics

SHURE sm57 instrument mics

YAMAHA 5" studio mixing monitors

KRK Rokit 8" studio listen back monitors

KRK 10s studio subwoofer


MAPEX "Mars" series Ebony drum kit -

kick drum: 22" x 20" deep

rack tom 1: 8" x 8" deep

rack tom 2: 10" x 8" deep

rack tom 3: 12" x 9" deep

floor tom: 16" x 15" deep

Tama drummers throne

3 Mapex cymbal stands, hi-hat stand, and snare stand


Marshall MG 100 HDFX; Marshall G100R; 2 Marshall 4 x 10 cabinets; 2 Line 6 Spider III's; 2 Acoustic 4 x 10 cabinets; Hartke HA2000 200watt bass head; Hartke 4 x 10 bass cabinet; Ampeg BA115 1 x 15 combo amp


Fender "Rhodes" Mark I Concert Piano; Fender Keyboard 200 amplifier; Roland KC500 amplifier, Yamaha "Clavinova" Electric Piano